Jackson Browne - 2002-08-19, Red Rocks, Morrison CO. Excellent audience (inc. soundcheck)

Jackson Browne
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison CO

Includes Soundcheck
Opener for Tom Petty

Source Info
AKG CK91caps>JK Labs ECMS> D8
Mastered to CD using Cool Edit Pro & WaveLab


01. I am a child
02. In the shape of a heart
03. Sky blue and black


04. On the boulevard
05. Everywhere I go
06. Fountain of sorrow
07. The night inside me
08. Rock me on the water
09. Barricades of heaven
10. I'm alive
11. Doctor my eyes
12. Culver moon
13. The pretender
14. Running on empty
15. For a rocker / Red neck friend

Searched on the tracker and this one is not listed.
I received this one as two audio discs (Taiyo Yuden) in a vine a few weeks after the performance took place back in 2002. I transferred onto Taiyo Yuden as well as a backup and I was the last on the vine, so these are as close to the first copies as they can be.
Ripped securely (dBpowerAMP) and Digital Audio Extraction Log included. Philips - SPD3400CC External USB drive and finally TLH.