(opening for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

Aladdin Theatre
Las Vegas, NV.

Audience recording

Recorded from Sec 102 Row G - slightly stage left but sound is great, IMHO

Here's another gift for the holidaze...and be on the lookout for Petty's set after the new year. Wow.

This is a very solid sounding recording. No chatter - none, other than the guy next to me sang
a bit too loud now and again, if ya know what I mean.

I didn't do any EQ'ing of any sort. Feel free to do with this what you may, except sell it, of course.


Sony MZ-R700 (mini disc) with Sony ECM-DS70 mic > Total Recorder (wav) > CDWav > FLAC Frontend

01 On the Boulevard
02 Fountain of Sorrow
03 The Night Inside Me
04 About My Imagination
05 The Naked Ride Home
06 Never Stop
07 Culver Moon
08 band intros
09 The Pretender
10 Running on Empty