Bridgewater Hall
28 February 2003

This continues the recent 2003 shows kindly uploaded by paul44.

Thanks to the original uploader and recorder. Neither seem to be active on Dime in recent times. I obtained this in trade a while back while trying to collect shows that I had attended.

I have amended the text files as well as labelling the flac files and also had to create new MD5 files, other than that I have not done any retracking or remastering of the files sent to me. I would have split the files into chat and songs but that would invalidate the artwork so I left as was.

This may have been uploaded prior to the 2006 upload but I couldn't find any record on the Dimebot

From January 5 2007

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Torrent: 95856
Title: JACKSON BROWNE - Manchester 28.2.2003 AUD DAT MASTER
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Band Line Up
Jackson Browne - vocals, guitar, piano
Jeff Young - keyboards, backing vocals
Mark Goldenberg - guitars
Val McCallum - guitars
Kevin McCormick - bass
Mauricio Lewak - drums
Amanda Homi - backing vocals, percussion

Taper: unidexter
Location: Choir Circle, Row A
Rig: Paired AT 831b > Low Z - High Z transformer > PCM-M1 @ 48kHz

Here you have the complete gig without any processing. This was my first Jackson show. I went along with friends who are big Jackson fans who thought it was a great gig. While enjoying the show myself there is only so much you can take from a show when you're not overly familar with the material being played, I was though very impressed by what I was seeing. The band were a very high quality outfit and I remember spending a lot of time watching the guitarist closest to me, I was impressed by his playing. I think the recording came out quite good........Enjoy, Mark J.


1. In-Ear Monitor Problems
2. Somebody's Baby
3. The Night Inside Me
4. Fountain Of Sorrow
5. The Barricades Of Heaven
6. Casino Nation
7. Rock Me On The Water
8. Never Stop
9. These Days
10. The Naked Ride Home
11. My Stunning Mystery Companion


1. About My Imagination
2. In The Shape Of A Heart
3. For Taking The Trouble
4. Lives In The Balance
5. For A Dancer
6. A Child In These Hills
7. Your Bright Baby Blues
8. Looking Into You
9. The Pretender
10. Running On Empty
11. The Load Out
12. Stay
13. Doctor My Eyes

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