Iīve got this in a CDR trade...I changed nothing.

Sound is very good!

Have fun...

Jackson Browne
Aster Plaza
Hiroshima, Japan
April 29, 2003

Set I
1. Night inside me
2. Fountain of sorrow
3. The barricades of heaven
4. Casino nation
5. Rock me on the water
6. Never stop
7. These days
8. Naked ride home
9. My stunning mystery companion

Set II
1. About my imagination
2. In the shape of a heart
3. For taking the trouble
4. Lives in the balance
5. Late for the sky
6. A child in these hills
7. Your bright baby blues
8. Culver moon
9. The pretender
10. Running on empty
11. Doctor my eyes
12. Loadout/stay


Since I got this in a trade I have few info about lineage, taping equipment etc.

CDR > Traders Little Helper > FLAC (level 8) > you

artwork included


Complete concert


I hope some body can make some cover art for this beauty


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