Jackson Browne
Raley Field, Sacramento, CA
Opening for Tom Petty

Aud>Core Directionals>Sony MZR900>Cool Edit>WAV>Flac Recorded about 50 feet from the stage near center

recorded by Mike_markov@yahoo.com

I was having a conversion issue that I was unaware of, I just thought I was not getting good recordings
of late, this show is with a corrected setup and it shows. I will have to go back and redo the last
5-6 shows I recorded and repost but I think it will be worth it.

I really enjoyed this set, Jackson was very loose and seemed to really be enjoying himself. The crowd
wanted the "hits" including the obnoxious 'roid rage monster that was right next to us. Around "barricades"
the crowd started getting talkative but Jackson got them going soon after that. Myself I thought it was a great setlist,
the only change I would make would be to stick "the pretender" in there :>)

Check out the samples before you decide to download

01 Everywhere I Go.
02 Night Inside Me.flac:
03 Never Stop.flac:
04 Fountain Of Sorrow.
05 Birds Of St Marks.
06 Barricades Of Heaven.
07 About My Imagination.
08 Lives In The Balance.
09 For America.
10 Culver Moon.
11 Runnin On Empty.