King Center for the Performing Arts
Melbourne, Florida
March 20, 2008

A great concert and an excellent recording. Jackson was sporting a grey beard!
He was in a great mood, chatting with the audience and taking requests. At the
end of the first set someone yelled "Brown Eyed Girl" and after laughting about it
Jackson played it (with some lyrical help from the audience).
A spacecoast-cdr.com recording.
Artwork included.

SoundPro SP-CMC-8C >
Reactive SPA-2 >
Edirol R-09 (WAV)> PC >
EAC (track markers and normalization) >
FLAC Frontend > FLAC

Disc One (set one)
01. The Barricades Of Heaven
02. These Days
03. Rosie
04. Looking Into You
05. Looking East
06. Sky Blue & Black
07. Birds Of St. Marks
08. I'm Alive
09. Lives In The Balance
10. Brown Eyed Girl

Disc Two (set two)
01. For Everyman
02. Jamaica
03. Carmelita
04. New Song (no title yet)
05. The Pretender
06. Doctor My Eyes
07. Linda Paloma
08. Your Bright Baby Blues
09. Cocaine (rehab version)
10. Two Of Me Two Of You
11. In The Shape Of A Heart
12. Somebody's Baby
13. Runnin' On Empty
14. Take It Easy