Jackson Browne
Live at Shinjuku Kosei-nenkin Hall
Tokyo, Japan
Last show of Japan Tour 2008
Audience Recording by Shori, FOB 15th Row Left to the Center
edirol R-09 >SD Card > PC> WAV >
WaveZ164 > FLAC Frontend > flac16

Jackson Browne
Mark Goldenberg
Mauricio Lewak
Kevin McCormick
Jeff Young
Alethea Mills
Chavonne Morris

Rating 6/10 listenable
Recording level not appropriate. Unable to control because a security guard was right in front of me all through the show.

01. Boulevard
02. The Barricades Of Heaven
03. Everywhere I Go
04. Fountain Of Sorrow (band intro)
05. Time The Conqueror
06. Off Of Wonderland
07. Live Nude Cabaret
08. Culver Moon
09. Giving That Heaven Away
10. Doctor My Eyes >
11. About My Imagination

01. Something Fine
02. These Days
03. Your Bright Baby Blues
04. Lives In The Balance
05. Going Down To Cuba
06. Just Say Yeah
07. Late For The Sky
08. Far From The Arms Of Hunger
09. The Pretender
10. Running On Empty
01. The Load Out > Stay
02. I Am A Patriot
03. Take It Easy