Festival Theatre, Adelaide, Australia

Disc 1
(1) Boulevard
(2) Everywhere I Go
(3) The Barricades Of Heaven
(4) Fountain Of Sorrow
(5) Time The Conqueror
(6) Off Of Wonderland
(7) Live Nude Cabaret
(8) The Drums Of War
(9) Doctor My Eyes/About My Imagination

Disc 2
(1) Something Fine
(2) These Days
(3) Lives In The Balance
(4) Going Down To Cuba
(5) Just Say Yeah
(6) Culver Moon
(7) Your Bright Baby Blues
(8) The Pretender
(9) Running On Empty
(10) The Load-Out/Stay


Further details:
Recorded using an Edirol R09 recorder, SP-CMC-8 cardioid microphones, battery box (bass roll-off 69hz), seated in the stalls about mid-hall.
USB transfer to hard drive.
Minimal WAV editing & volume boost, slight tweak in Sony Sound Forge with the BBE plug-in, followed by FLAC conversion.

The quality is very good/excellent.