Jackson Browne
Olympia Theatre
24th March 2009

Linage ZOOM H2 using internal mics >pc.cdwave>flac leval8

The second night came out a lot better than the first night I turned my volumes down but the bastards in the theatre turned everything up !!!!!!!!
The Olympia is without doubt the most uncomfortable venue I have ever been to the seats are far to small and there is little or no
leg room wish Jackson would play somewhere else when he come's to Dublin.........anyway on this show there is a little bit of distortion but nothing to bad
but its still a good listen

24th Set List

Disc 1
(1) Boulevard
(2) Everywhere I Go
(3) The Barricades Of Heaven
(4) Fountain Of Sorrow
(5) Rock Me On The Water
(6) Time The Conqueror
(7) Off Of Wonderland
(8) Live Nude Cabaret
(9) Giving That Heaven Away
(10) Sky Blue & Black
(11) Doctor My Eyes/About My Imagination

Disc 2
(1) Something Fine
(2) Looking Into You
(3) I'm Alive
(4) These Days
(5) Lives In The Balance
(6) Going Down To Cuba
(7) Just Say Yeah
(8) Drums Of War
(9) Far From The Arms Of Hungar
(10) The Pretender
(11) Running On Empty
(12) I Am A Patriot

Hope you all enjoy the shows..........................and thanks to BigDee for doing his best to improve the sound on both shows.