Artist: Jackson Browne
Date: 11 maggio 2009
Venue: Auditorium Manzoni
City: Bologna Italy

CD 1 1st set
01) Boulevard
02) Barricades of Heaven
03) Fountain of Sorrow
04) These Days
05) Time the Conqueror
06) Off of Wonderland
07) Live Nude Cabaret
08) Sky Blue and Black
09) Doctor my Eyes/About my Imagination

CD 2 2nd set
01) Something Fine
02) For a Dancer
03) Rock me on the Water
04) Lives in the Balance
05) Going down to Cuba
06) Just say yeah

CD 3
01) Late for the Sky
02) The Pretender
03) Running on Empty
--- encores
04) Take it Easy
05) I am a Patriot/jam
06) The Load Out - Stay

LC master

Lineage: Edirol R-09

Sound is good

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