Jackson Browne
Solo Acoustic
Johnny Mercer Theater
Savannah, GA

Edirol R-09HR (Right Center Orchestra, Row M) internal mics@24bit/96kHz>SDCard>HDD>downsampling, dithering
and fades in Sony Sound Forge 9>16bit/44.1kHZ wavs split in CDWave>.flac level 8 in TLH

STFU, Savannah!
Seriously, Savannah has some of the drunkest, most obnoxious audiences
in the nation. It doesn't help that the Johnny Mercer Theater has a full bar
and cheap drink prices. One particular jerk right behind me kept yelling out "Bright Baby Blues"
(Thank you, Jackson for not playing it). There was also a guy to my left who liked
singing all the songs for his date. Fortunately he isn't audible too often.
I saw "Bright Baby Blues" stumbling and dropping his cell phone in thge lobby at intermission.
He was no longer sitting behind us in the second half d2.

Oh yeah, my wife & I did join a little in the singalong on "Running on Empty"--sorry about that.

Disc 1 approx 60 minutes
01 Barricades of Heaven
02 These Days
03 I tell the loud obnoxious drunk guy who spilled his drink
on my wife's suede jacket to STFU.
04 Talk
05 Don't Let Us Get Sick (Zevon)
06 Don't You Wnat to Be There?
07 Never Stop
08 Late for the Sky
09 Call it a Loan
10 Sky Blue and Black
11 Going Down to Cuba
12 Farther On
13 Running on Empty

Disc 2 Approx 74 minutes
01 For Everyman
02 Rock Me On the Water
03 I'm Alive
04 I'm A Patriot (Van Zandt)
05 Giving That Heaven Away
06 Moon River (Mercer/Mancini)-talk
07 Fountain of Sorrow
08 The Shape of a Heart
09 Rosie
10 Jamaica Say You Will
11 I'll Do Anything
12 The Pretender

13 Our Lady of the Well
14 Take It Easy

Encores feature Manny Alvarez (Jackson's Guitar Tech) on lead guitar.