Jackson Browne
March 02, 2011
Community Center Theater
Sacramento, California, USA

Recorded by mike_markov@yahoo.com

AUD>Sony MS907>Zoom H2>Cool Edit>TLH>You

Can Jackson Browne put on a bad show? In the many times I've seen him I have
never seen a bad show. This one is no exception. We were in the top balcony, front row dead center.
I had to hold my bag up higher because of the concrete barrier in front of me so
there's some noise because of that and because of the people walking in front of us to get to their seats.
Check out the samples first, I was rather pleased with the results all things considering.

01. Farther On
02. Barricades Of Heaven
03. Ready Or Not
04. In The Shape Of A Heart
05. Something Fine
06. If I Could Be Anywhere
07. Jamaica Say You Will
08. For A Dancer
09. Giving That Heaven Away
10. Looking Into You
11. For Everyman
12. Going Down To Cuba
13. Late For The Sky
14. Our Lady Of The Well
15. Your Bright Baby Blues
16. Dont Let Us Get Sick
17. These Days
18. The Pretender
19. Take It Easy
20. Sky Blue And Black
21. Looking East
22. Two Of Me Two Of You
23. Running On Empty
24. She Belongs To Me - My Stunning Mystery Companion