Jackson Browne solo live March 4th 2011 at Comerica Theater Phoenix Arizona USA

Have recorder will travel. Right spot at the right time. This venue was amazing!! I am envious we don't have an acoustic jem like this one. 2 1/2 hour show with 25 picked out of a hat songs. Cocaine was the rehab lyrics. This recording came out STUNNING! HUGE thanks to DoctorX for getting the tickets 5 days before the show. What sound I picked up. Lots of gain on this one. Did I mention what a great show it was? He had 16 guitars lined up to pick from, as well as a Piano of course. Samples enclosed. This must be played on the best sounding system you can find, even if its your buddy.

RB Recorded

Mics: DPA 4022
Recorder: Sound Devices 722
Center 15 rows in front of stage.
24 bit 44.1K frequency recorded
Dithered to 16b using Izotopes Advance
FLAC to you guys

Set List:

Farther ON
Ready or Not
The Barricades Of Heaven
For Everyman
I've Been Out Walking
Don't Let us Get Sick
Before The Deluge
Cocaine (rehab lyrics)
Giving That Heaven Away
Rock Me On The Water
Looking Into You
Your Bright Baby Blues
Time The Conqueror
Lawyers, Guns, and Money
For A Dancer
The Pretender
Fountain Of Sorrow
Going Down To Cuba
Lives In The Balance
In The Shape Of A Heart
I Am A Patriot
Running on Empty
Freebird (Short version)
Take It Easy