Jackson Browne
Auditorium Theatre, Rochester, NY
Sept. 30, 2011

Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > Sony PCM-M10
(Eighth row center)
Tracked & mastered in Audacity

Quality: Excellent

Disc One/Set One:
Barricades of Heaven
Man of Constant Sorrow
The Birds of St. Marks
These Days
Giving That Heaven Away
growing up story
For A Dancer
Farther On
Lawyers, Guns & Money (Zevon)
Don't Let Us Get Sick (Zevon)
Rock Me On The Water

Disc Two/Set Two:
For Everyman
Two of You, Two of Me
Looking East
Sky Blue & Black
Doctor My Eyes
Love Needs A Heart
Enough of the Night
Before the Deluge
I'm Alive
In the Shape of a Heart
The Pretender
Running On Empty
encore break
E: I Am A Patriot