Jackson Browne (with special guest Jerry Douglas)
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville TN
July 18, 2012

Recorded with Edirol R-09 with Church Cardoid Mics
with STC-9200 Preamp. Tracks edited with CDWave.
Recorded from 4th Row Center Balcony.

01 Black and White
02 Standing in the Breach
03 Call it a Loan
04 The Naked Ride Home
05 Looking East
06 These Days
07 Looking Into You
08 Redneck Friend
09 Birds of St Marks
10 A Child In These Hills
11 Tokyo Girl (Val Mcallum)
12 The Barricades of Heaven
13 Live Nude Caberet
14 The Late Show
15 I'll Do Anything
16 Running On Empty
17 Take It Easy