Jackson Browne and Friends
Live FloydFest Main Stage July 26, 2012

Sorce: Avenson STO-2 Split 26"FOB>Grace V2>Fostex FR2LE (24bit 48kh)
Lineage: CF>Audacity (levels-EQ-resample 16bit 44.1kh)>CDWave>Traders Little Helper

Set List

01. Black and White
02. Call it a Loan
03. A Child in These Hills
04. Tokyo Girl
05. Mohammed's Radio
06. Live Nude Cabaret
07. I'll Do Anything
08. The Late Show
09. The Barricades Of Heaven
10. These Days
11. The Pretender
12. Running on Empty
13. Take it Easy>Our Lady Of The Well
14. Encore: Play It All Night Long
15. Lawyers Guns and Money
16. Late For The Sky