Jackson Browne

03 agosto 2012
Beacon Theater
New York City, NY

CD 1 Sara Watkins
Jackson introduce Sara Watkins
Lock and Key
Long Hot Summer Days
All This Time
You're the One I Love
When It Pleases You
Be There
Too Much
You and Me*
Take Up Your Spade*

* whit Jackson

CD 2 Jackson Browne
Black and White
Standing in the Breach
Call It a Loan
The Naked Ride Home
Lawless Avenues
These Days
The Birds of St. Marks
A Child in These Hills
Tokyo Girl

CD 3
Something Fine
In the Shape of a Heart
Sky Blue and Black
Live Nude Cabaret
The Late Show
I'll Do Anything
Running on Empty
- encores -
Take It Easy
Late for the Sky

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