JACKSON BROWNE--Pikes Peak Center, Colorado Springs, CO - November 15, 2012

This show and Jackson Browne's November 14 Denver show were both recorded by royboy, who currently has no way to upload shows on DIME or anywhere else. He asked for help and I volunteered. I have left the show untouched except for inserting the tracking, which I kept very basic by beginning each track with the start of the next song. All conversations and introductions to songs are a part of the previous track. I believe royboy recorded this show with even better sound than that of the Denver show. However, there are moments in the show where the audience around royboy while he was recording are intrusive.

Lineage: core sound binurals>batterybox filter on>edirol r-09 24/44 khz>sony rcd w500c>sabrent 2.0>dell inspiron 1501 laptop>cdr>eac>hd>tlh>FLAC (level 8)>you

Disc 1 (51: 10):
01. Black and White
02. The Barricades of Heaven
03. I'm Alive
04. Cocaine (rehab version)
05. In the Shape of a Heart
06. Fountain of Sorrow
07. Live Nude Cabaret

Disc 2 (52:21)
08. Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate
09. The Pretender
10. A Child in These Hills
11. Tokyo Girl (Val McCallum, vocal)
12. The Late Show
13. I'll Do Anything
14 .Running on Empty
15. Shaky Town
16. Take It Easy

The band:
Jackson Browne--guitars, piano, vocals
Val McCallum--guitars, harmonica, vocals
Mauricio Lewak--percussion
Sarah Watkins--fiddle, vocals
Sean Watkins--guitars, vocals
Tyler Chester--keyboards, bass