Jackson Browne & Band
Events Center
Seneca Niagara Casino
Niagara Falls, NY

Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > Sony PCM-M10 (44.1/24bit)
Location: 11th row, dead center
Tracked & mastered to 16bit with Audacity

Quality: Excellent Upfront Recording, Good Sound System

Its the same band as on the just released DVD I'll Do Anything including:
Val McCallum, Fritz Lewak, Sara Watkins, Sean Watkins and Tyler Chester.

Unfortunately I missed the first two songs due to exact on time start and because casino did not allow
the opening act to play. I believe the songs I missed were Black & White & Call It A Loan.

A rocking Eagles-style Take It Easy & 1975-ish Child In These Hills among other highlights.


1 Looking East
2 I'm Alive
3 The Naked Ride Home
4 For Everyman
5 talking
6 Live Nude Cabaret
7 Sleep s Dark And Silent Gate
8 The Pretender
9 A Child in These Hills
10 Tokyo Girl (Val McCallum)
11 Take Up Your Spade (Sara Watkins)
12 You and Me (Sara Watkins)
13 Only Peace I've Known (Sean Watkins)
14 For A Dancer
15 Jamaica Say You Will
16 These Days
17 I'll Do Anything
18 Running On Empty >
19 Take It Easy
20 e: I Am A Patriot