Jackson Browne & Band
Craneway Pavilion
Richmond, CA
29 September 2013

This was a benefit for Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy in San Pablo, CA (http://www.loscenzontles.com/). Originally David Hidalgo (from Los Lobos) was originally scheduled to perform with Los Cenzontles, but he was quite ill. Taj Mahal was a late addition. It wasn't clear whether both Taj Mahal and David Hidalgo were supposed to appear with Los Cenzontles or whether Taj Mahal was substituting for David Hidalgo.

Some members of Los Cenzontles joined Jackson during parts of his set.

OKM II Rock Studio/Klassik -> A3 BB -> mic-in jack of Sony PCM-M10 -> Sound Forge 7 (only to trim pre- and post-gig chatter) -> FLAC8 -> BigDee -> Sound Forge & HarBal -> 16/44.1 -> FLAC -> wav files & retracking by me in Sound Forge 10 -> FLAC8 -> mp3tag

Front row, left of the left speaker stack, but directly in line with the leftmost stage speaker. HOWEVER, starting during Running on Empty, increasing numbers of people began standing at the front and the security people gave up trying to prevent it. So I stood at the front as well. You can hear a difference in the bass level and tone of the recording since I was then much closer to the speaker and moving around somewhat dodging dancers and making sure that I could see. So it is what it is... Bigdee did a great job with mastering this, so it now sounds much more consistent than it was.

Recorded in 24 bit/44.1.

Many thanks to BigDee for working his usual magic (and more!) in mastering this.

Introduction by Jackson Browne/opening comments by President of Board of Directors & film
Los Cenzontles with Taj Mahal
Jackson Browne with band & guests from Los Cenzontles

Only Jackson Browne's set (i.e., the portion of the concert after the interval) is included in this torrent. If there is interest in the Los Cenzontles set with Taj Mahal, I'll upload that set in the future.

Great to see Lawless Avenues back in the set! And as is apparent in track 12, Jackson was about to celebrate his 65th birthday (in 10 days on October 9th - the greetings were a bit premature)!

1 - Doctor My Eyes
2 - chat
3 - Too Many Angels
4 - Sky Blue and Black
5 - Something Fine
6 - chat
7 - Standing in the Breach
8 - chat
9 - The Pretender
10 - chat
11 - Running on Empty
12 - chat & audience sings Happy Birthday to Jackson
13 - Taking It Easy
14 - I Am A Patriot
15 - chat & false start for Jamaica Say You Will
16 - Jamaica Say You Will
17 - chat & tuning (plus bringing other guests from Los Cenzontles on stage)
18 - Linda Paloma
19 - chat
20 - Lawless Avenues
21 - chat
22 - For A Dancer

Please support Jackson Browne by buying all of his many CDs and by attending his live gigs. And please support Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy in San Pablo, CA (http://www.loscenzontles.com/) for their amazing efforts.

This recording is for free distribution only.