Uptown Theatre
Kansas City, Missouri
July 3, 2014

I recorded this show on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone using Voice Recorder and the internal microphone strictly as a personal souvenir of the show. However, having listened to it, despite the limitations of recording the show this way, it came out pretty well all things considered. So I decided to offer it as there don't seem to be many JB shows getting recorded these days.

This was the second show of Jackson's solo acoustic tour and he was in good voice and in a great mood--lots of interaction with the audience, lots of stories, lots of requests granted. Jackson performed 24 songs, including his new "train" song Leaving Winslow, and the show lasted a little over 2 hours and 20 minutes, not counting the intermission between sets.

This is the first show I have ever recorded. I hope you'll accept the recording for what is since it was not originally intended for anything but my own personal use. If you are a Jackson Browne fan, however, I think you'll enjoy it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Voice Recordes with internal mic > HD via Dropbox > TLH > FLAC Level 8 > You

Set 1:

01. I'll Do Anything
02. chat
03. The Load Out (request)
04. Stay
05. chat
06. For a Dancer (request)
07. Rosie (request)
08. The Barricades of Heaven
09. chat
10. Giving That Heaven Away
11. The Pretender
12. chat
13. Here Come Those Tears Again (request)
14. Fountain of Sorrow

Set 2:
15. Something Fine
16. In the Shape of a Heart
17. chat
18. Leaving Winslow (new "train" song)
19. Take It Easy (request)
20. chat
21. Just Say Yeah (request)
22. chat
23. Sky Blue and Black
24. chat
25. Doctor My Eyes
26. The Birds of St. Marks
27. Your Bright Baby Blues (request)
28. chat
29. Late for the Sky (request)
30. chat
31. Shaky Town
32. Running on Empty

Encore 1:
33. I Am a Patriot

Encore 2:
34. Before the Deluge