Jackson Browne
Meijer Gardens Amphitheatre
Grand Rapids, Michigan
July 13, 2014

Church Audio cards ->SP battery box->Sony PCM-M10 (24/48)
Audacity (fades,levels,16/44) -> CD Wave -> flac

Note: This was recorded and sent to me by my good JB friend Willyp523, who asked me to upload the show for him.

01 crowd/Jackson entrance
02 I'll Do Anything
03 Fountain of Sorrow
04 Call It A Loan
05 intro to...
06 Leaving Winslow
07 Giving That Heaven Away
08 Rock Me On The Water
09 Two of Me Two of You
10 intro to...
11 Birds of St. Marks
12 For A Dancer
13 Barricades of Heaven
14 intro to...
15 You Know The Night
16 My Stunning Mystery Companion
17 Sky Blue and Black
18 Doctor My Eyes
19 In The Shape of A Heart
20 Don't Let Us Get Sick
21 Running On Empty
22 Take It Easy
23 The Pretender
24 The Load Out->Stay