Jackson Browne
Beacon Theater
New York, NY

Source: AT943cards>SP-SPSB-10>MM-AT-1>H2n(24/48)
Transfer: wavelab>r8b>cdwav>TLH(8)>flac
Location: Set I mics split 1 foot on upper balcony rail until busted during track 12. Next song mics handheld in lap, then rest of show mics back on a lower rail with a 6" split

Set 1

s1t01 ...The Barricades of Heaven
s1t02 Looking Into You
s1t03 talking
s1t04 The Long Way Around
s1t05 talking
s1t06 Leaving Winslow
s1t07 talking
s1t08 Shaky Town
s1t09 talking
s1t10 Doctor My Eyes
s1t11 I'm Alive
s1t12 talking (busted by security - mic bumps)
s1t13 For a Dancer
s1t14 talking (replace mics on rail - mic bumps)
s1t15 You Know the Night
s1t16 talking
s1t17 Fountain of Sorrow

Set 2

s2t01 Rock Me on the Water
s2t02 Which Side
s2t03 talking
s2t04 Standing in the Breach
s2t05 talking
s2t06 Looking East
s2t07 talking
s2t08 If I Could Be Anywhere
s2t09 talking
s2t10 The Birds of St. Marks
s2t11 talking
s2t12 These Days
s2t13 The Pretender
s2t14 Running on Empty
s2t15 - encore break/talking -
s2t16 Take It Easy
s2t17 Our Lady of the Well
s2t18 I am a Patriot

** A Mr. Railing gets busted recording **

Notes: Show started promptly at 8pm, so I missed some of the first song setting up. During track 12, I got busted by security. He came charging with a flashlight blaring in my eyes, so I couldn't see what was going on until he was in my face. I was told I was not allowed to audio tape and shut it down now! Then he came back and told me if he saw my recorder on or the mics, he would throw me out. Each time he opted to loudly speak directly into my ear, helping preserve the quality of the recording. Either I'm not a good listener or just stupid, as I never turned off the recorder. I handheld the mics in my lap for the next song. After that I placed the mics back on the more concealed lower rail for the rest of the show. No music was lost or harmed during the bust.