Jackson Browne
2014-10-10 Academy Of Music
Philadelphia, PA USA

source : schoeps mk-4v > actives > nbox platinum > sony pcm-m10 > 24/96 wav
adobe audition > ozone 5 > sample manager > xACT 2.33 > flac 16
taper : edtyre

set 1 (64:29)

The Barricades of Heaven
Looking Into You
The Long Way Around
Leaving Winslow
These Days
Shaky Town
I'm Alive
You Know The Night
Fountain Of Sorrow

set 2 (82:01)

Happy Birthday Jackson
Rock Me On The Water
Your Bright Baby Blues
Standing In The Breach
Looking East
If I Could Be Anywhere
The Birds Of St. Marks
For A Dancer
Doctor My Eyes
The Pretender
Running On Empty
Take It Easy >
Our Lady Of The Well

Jackson Browne - piano, acoustic and electric guitar, vocals
Val McCallum - lead guitar, vocals
Jeff Young - keys
Bob Glaub - bass
Greg Leisz - pedal steel, lap steel guitar, guitar
Mauricio Lewak - drums

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