Concert & Torrent Info / Jackson Browne Learning On Empty (T&J-TWOSP-164/165)

1. Artist: Jackson Browne
The Band Line-Up
Jackson Browne - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Val McCallum - Guitars
Mauricio Lewak - Drums
Jeff Young - Organ, Piano, Harmony Vocals Bob Glaub - Bass Greg Leisz -
Pedal, lap Steel, Guitars Althea Mills - Harmony Vocals Chavonne Morris -
Harmony Vocals

2. Dates & Venues:
Festival Hall, Osaka Japan, March 19th 2015

3. Torrent Title(Catalog #): Learning On Empty(T&J-TWOSP-164/165)

4. Production Team/the Wall of Sound Project
a. Tapers: Tom & Jerry
b. Sound Editor: Naniwa Hot Brothers the
c. Art Work Designer: Mickey Jaggar

5. Artwork: Included

6. Recording Equipments;
MK4s>Nbox+>M-10(24 bit/98kHz)

7. Remastering Software
Sofeware> Sound Forge / iZotope RX / iZotope Ozone 7

8. Sound Quality; Excellent.

9. File Info;
First Show
00.Show Starts
01.The Barricades of Heaven
02.Looking Into You
03.The Long Way Around
04.Leaving Winslow
05.These Days
06.Shaky Town
07.Late for the Sky
08.I'm Alive
09.Something Fine
10.You Know the Night
11.For a Dancer
12.For a Dancer(Restart)
13.For a Dancer(Restart Again)

Second Show
00.Show Start
01.Your Bright Baby Blues
02.The Pretender
03.If I Could Be Anywhere
04.Lives in the Balance
05.Standing in the Breach
06.Looking East
07.Far From the Arms of Hunger
08.Doctor My Eyes
09.Running on Empty
10.Take It Easy
<1st Encore>
11.Before the Deluge
<2nd Encore>
12.I Am a Patriot

10. Notes
Please do not sell this recording for whatever stupid reasons you could come up with.

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