Torrent title: Jackson Browne - 2015-07-07 - Madgarden - Madrid - AUD FLAC
Artist: Jackson Browne

Description: audience recording

Venue: Madgarden Festival, Madrid, Spain
Date: 7 July, 2015

Jackson Browne
Madgarden Festival
Real Jard�n Bot�nico
Universidad Complutense

July 7, 2015

01 entrance
02 The Barricades Of Heaven
03 Just Say Yeah
04 The Long Way Around
05 intro to Leaving Winslow
06 Leaving Winslow
07 These Days
08 For Everyman
09 I'm Alive
10 intro to You Know The Night
11 You Know The Night
12 Fountain Of Sorrow
13 Your Bright Baby Blues
14 Which Side?

01 intro to If I Could Be Anywhere
02 If I Could Be Anywhere
03 intro to Standing In The Breach
04 Standing In The Breach (false start)
05 Standing In The Breach
06 Looking East
07 intro to The Birds Of St. Marks
08 The Birds Of St. Marks
09 presenting Raimundo Amador
10 I�ll Do Anything (*)
11 Doctor My Eyes
12 The Pretender
13 Running On Empty
14 band intros / encore call
15 Take It Easy >
16 Our Lady Of The Well
17 The Load-Out / Stay

Jackson Browne vocals, guitar, piano
Shane Fontayne guitar
Greg Leisz guitar, pedal steel
Bob Glaub bass
Maurico Lewak drums
Jeff Young keyboards
Alethea Mills harmony vocals

(*) with Raimundo Amador guitar

FLAC fingerprint: madgarden.md5
Source: live concert
Lineage: Olympus LS-10 (16-bit 44100 Hz wav) > Realtek HD audio card > HDD > Adobe Audition CS6 for minor editing and track splitting > TLH > FLAC level 8 > DIME
Recorded from row 4, just right of stage centre
Digital audience recording and editing by RBC
Artwork by RBC
Photos by Rosario Navarro Fern�ndez

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