Jackson Browne
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Portland, Or.

01.The Barricades of Heaven
02.Just Say Yeah
03.The Long Way Around
04.Leaving Winslow
05.These Days
06.For Everyman
07.I'm Alive
08.You Know the Night
09.For a Dancer
10.Fountain of Sorrow
2nd Set
11.Your Bright Baby Blues
12.Which Side?
13.If I Could Be Anywhere I Would Want To Be Here
14.Standing In the Breach
15.In The Shape Of A Heart
16.Looking East
17.The Birds of St. Marks
18.Doctor My Eyes
19.The Pretender
20.Running On Empty
21.Take It Easy<Lady Of The Well

Jackson Browne - Vocal, Guitars, Piano
Bob Glaub - Bass
Greg Leisz - Pedal, Lap Steel, Guitars
Mauricio Lewak - Drums
Val McCallum - Guitars
Alethea Mills - Harmony Vocals
Jeffery Young - Hammond Organ, Piano and Harmony Vocals

Jackson Browne Website:

Original version of Woody Guthrie' song to his wife when they first met that he talks about and does part of on track "8".
You Know The Night (feat. Jackson Browne)

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