Palais Theatre,
St Kilda (Melbourne)
1 April 2016

This is a 24/96 file set so you need to consider if/how you can play these files before downloading this recording.

Nero software will burn these files to create a CD without any need to convert them first.

Nero Wave Editor is a free download that will convert the files to 16/44.1.

I have previously asked the MODS for permission to upload such recordings as DVD-ready ISO file (music only) that
will burn and play on any DVD player but they were not convinced.

SP-CMC-8 cardioids-> SP battery box->Sony PCM-M10->HDD
Creative Wave Studio 7 for volume adjustment
Wavelab Elements 8 for tweaking with BBE plug-ins
Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 for track splits
TLH for WAV->FLAC conversion

1. The Barricades Of Heaven
2. Just Say Yeah
3. The Long Way Around
4. Leaving Winslow
5. These Days
6. For Everyman
7. Somebody's Baby
8. I�m Alive
9. You Know The Night
10. Rock Me on the Water
11. Fountain Of Sorrow
12. Your Bright Baby Blues
13. Which Side?
14. If I Could Be Anywhere
15. Carmelita
16. Standing in the Breach
17. Sky Blue And Black � false starts
18. Sky Blue And Black
19. The Pretender
20. Doctor My Eyes
21. Running On Empty
22. Take It Easy/Our Lady Of The Well