Jackson Browne
Fred Kavli Theatre
Thousand Oaks, CA
May 13, 2016

Very nice solo show. Guitar genius Greg Leisz sits in for most of the show, and is spectacular. Guitar tech Manny Alvarez runs on stage, plugs in a Telecaster and plays the solo on a really long Doctor My Eyes. Interesting show. JB plays electric guitar on many songs. Including a black Stratocaster on Call It A Loan.

Recorded from Row 6 - a little left of center. Sound is fantastic.

This is a 16/44.1 Version for CD. I might put up a 24 bit version.

Sonics>Battery Box>Edirol R-09HR>ProTools (for level adjustment, compression, eq, and song separation)>flac.

Taped and mastered by JB. Please don't sell. Please do not convert to lossy format and upload anywhere.

Set 1 (55:34)

01. The Barricades Of Heaven
02. The Long Way Around
03. Something Fine
04. Looking Into You
05. Just Say Yeah
06. Call It A Loan
07. Your Bright Baby Blues
08. In The Shape Of A Heart

Set 2 (84:24)

01. For Everyman
02. Don’t Let Us Get Sick (Warren Zevon)
03. banter and Freebird snippet
04. I’ll Do Anything
05. Rosie
06. Sky Blue and Black
07. From The Arms of Hunger
08. Linda Paloma
09. The Naked Ride Home
10. The Pretender
11. Running on Empty
12. Take It Easy
13. Doctor My Eyes
14. I Am A Patriot