Jackson Browne
Beacon Theatre
New York City, NY

Jackson Browne
Bob Glaub (bass),
Mauricio Lewak (Drums),
Val McCallum (guitar),
Alethea Mills (Vocals),
Chavonne Stewart (vocals),
Jeff Young (keyboards),
Greg Leisz (guitar, lap steel, pedal steel).

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@Set[Set 1:]
01 Before the Deluge
02 Some Bridges
03 You Love the Thunder
04 The Long Way Around
05 The Dreamer
06 Lives in the Balance
07 Farther On
08 Doctor My Eyes
09 These Days
10 For a Dancer

@Set[Set 2:]
11 Looking East
12 Your Bright Baby Blues
13 For Taking the Trouble
14 Fountain of Sorrow
15 Sky Blue and Black
16 I'm Alive
17 Somebody's Baby
18 Never Stop
18 Redneck Friend
19 Shaky Town
20 Linda Paloma
21 Lawyers, Guns and Money
22 The Pretender
23 Running on Empty
24 crowd
25 Take It Easy
26 Our Lady of the Well