Music Hall
Kansas City, MO
June 24, 2018

Jackson Browne performed a wonderful show at the Music Hall in Kansas City, MO, Sunday night, June 24. The show was recorded by Voice Recorder on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone from the 8th row in the center section directly in front of the left stack of speakers. The sound of the recording came out surprisingly well considering its source. Unless the show is listened to at a high volume through headphones the sound is quite acceptable, so I have decided to offer it here on Dime. I will provide samples in the comments below.

If you are intending to burn this to CD, the split should come between Track 20 and Track 21.

Lineage: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Voice Recorder > Hard Drive > Switch Sound File Converter > WAV > TLH > FLAC (Level 8) > You

Jackson Browne--guitars, piano
Greg Leisz--lap steel, pedal steel, acoustic, electric guitars
Shane Fontayne--guitars, backing vocals
Jeff Young--keyboards, backing vocals
Mauricio Lewak--percussion
Bob Glaub--bass
Chavonne Stewart--backing vocals
Alethia Mills--backing vocals
Mai Leisz--bass on Something Fine

Set 1:
01. Some Bridges
02. You Love the Thunder
03. Chat
04. The Long Way Around
05. Chat
06. The Dreamer
07. Chat
08. Lives in the Balance
09. Sky Blue and Black
10. Chat
11. Doctor My Eyes
12. Chat
13. These Days
14. Late for the Sky
15. Chat
16. Rock Me on the Water

Set 2:
17. Looking East
18. Your Bright Baby Blues
19. Chat
20. For Taking the Trouble
21. Chat
22. Something Fine
23. Somebody's Baby
24. Redneck Friend
25. Chat
26. I Am a Patriot
27. Chat
28. Carmelita
29. Lawyers, Guns, and Money
30. Rosie
31. For a Dancer
32. In the Shape of a Heart
33. The Pretender
34. Running on Empty

35. Chat
36. Take It Easy >
37. Our Lady of the Well