Gems from Jackson

This acoustic compilation contains tracks combining outstanding performances by Jackson from excellent recordings. There is nothing new here, but it's probably my favorite combination of Jackson's songs. I play them often when I feel the need to relax. They work for me so I thought I'd share them.

Lineage: cdrs acquired in trade > EAC > editing* > TLH > Flac (level 8) > you

CD Wave Editor was used to trim the beginning and ending of a few of the tracks. Audacity was used to normalize the sound, to fade in and fade out some of the tracks, and to add silence between the tracks.

1. Jamaica Say You Will--Santa Monica 10.12.97
2. Looking into You--Richmond 5.17.00
3. Farther On--Paris 11.4.96
4. Under the Falling Sky--Berkeley 10.9.97
5. Something Fine--Paris 11.4.96
6. Song for Adam--Olympia 8.17.00
7. Rock Me on the Water--Olympia 8.17.00
8. For a Dancer--Greenville 4.9.00
9. Our Lady of the Well--Paris 11.4.96
10. The Times You've Come--Paris 11.4.96
11. These Days--Baltimore 5.8.02
12. Linda Paloma--Hilversum--12.8.76
13. Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate--Berkeley 10.9.97
14. The Barricades of Heaven--Los Angeles 3.3.98
15. I'm Alive--Madrid 3.21.99
16. In the Shape of a Heart--Madrid 3.21.99
17. For Everyman--Hamburg 11.15.96
18. My Opening Farewell--Chicago 2.2.72

Time: 78:55