For Everyfan Rides Again (Disc 4)

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For many people Jackson Browne's most magical performances are those in which he and David Lindley
perform as a duo or in which David Lindley was an integral part of Jackson's outstanding band. While the two of
them undoubtedly relish their own individual identities as artists, for many people they will always be connected
to each other. Amazingly, as far as I can find documented, it seems Jackson and David have "only" been
on stage together--give or take a few--425 times over the 36-year period since they first formed a duo in 1972.

For Everyfan Rides Again, like every one of the 7 other Jackson Browne compilations I have put together, was
created for my own listening pleasure. The idea is that I can listen to all of the different songs Jackson has
been recorded performing live in one collection without having to hunt and pick through many different discs for
them. After putting them together and listening to them for awhile, I always come to the conclusion that I want
to share this wonderful music with everyone else and end up making them available. However, I want to make it
clear that I do this in my own way for a reason, and if everything isn't to someone else's liking--well, that's
tough. That being said, I think you'll find this an awesome collection of great music by two wonderful artists.

For Everyfan Rides Again is both an expansion and an upgrade of the original For Everyfan compilation, which
was my attempt at the time to put together a compilation of the best versions of every song that they had been
recorded playing together.

Additional recordings of shows acquired since that first Browne/Lindley compilation as well as upgraded recordings
of many of the original tracks make this set nearly as different from For Everyfan as a Model T from a Mustang.
This time around recordings were selected to emphasize the contributions of David Lindley whenever possible.
The original For Everyfan was made up of 4 discs which included 61 tracks. Several of those have been deleted,
and many more have been replaced with higher quality recordings of the same performance. For Everyfan Rides Again
fills 7 discs with 133 tracks. Alternative performances of several songs are included. In addition, there are a
few tracks from the 2006 tour on which a percussionist played with David and Jackson as well as a handful of
tracks on which they perform with a full band. These are included either because it is a song that Jackson and
David have never been recorded playing just as a duo or because the full band version features an outstanding
performance by David. All of the full-band recordings are included on Disc 7.

The recordings date from 1972, when Jackson and David first played together in public, to recordings from
their 2006 tour of Europe and Australia. The quality of the recordings is amazingly high. Jackson and David
allowed radio broadcast of several of their shows in the early and mid 1970s, and these have been recorded in
excellent stereo. I'm sure a few of the recordings are from soundboards as well. Jackson pretty much stopped
allowing all soundboard recordings in early 1980s, meaning that the recordings newer than that are from audience
recordings--nearly all of which are digital. Two or three of the recordings are so rare that only a source
with poor sound was available--namely those from the Main Point show of Sept. 4, 1975.

Each of the discs was put together to resemble an actual concert--not an easy task--so there are no gaps of
silence between the tracks. Of course, at an actual concert, Jackson and David would engage in plenty of stories
and stage banter with each other and the audience, so some of the more interesting ones have been included
here. With one exception, I have made each of these conversations a separate track, so that after you have
heard them once, the next time you can skip past them if you desire. The sole exception to this is Disc 7, which
doesn't quite flow together like an actual concert experience.

Although I use a broadband connection, my uploads seem to be very slow, so I intend to upload each of the 7 discs
one, or possibly two, at a time. I'll probably allow 2-4 days to pass between each upload. Artwork, such as I am
capable of creating, is available at http://picasaweb.google.com/ArtysGallery under "Compilations." By going there,
you can get a preview of the contents of each disc in the compilation.

The exact URLs for the Disc 4 artwork are:


Again, as I said, I put this all together for my own personal enjoyment, but I want to share. I really do enjoy it.
I hope you do, too! As one of my trading friends said on another JB DIME upload, if you like Jackson Browne and
David Lindley performing together, "This is the shit!"

Disc (74:55)

01. Cocaine (Rehab Version) - Mountain View (8/25/1987)
02. Introduction to...
03. Rosie - Antwerp (3/28/1997)
04. Jesus in 3/4 Time - Bryn Mawr (8/15/1973)
05. Introduction to...
06. Dance Fiddle Tune - Santa Monica (6/30/1984)
07. Hasten down the Wind - Bryn Mawr (9/7/1975)
08. Introduction to...
09. Your Sweet and Shiny Eyes - Bryn Mawr (9/7/1975)
10. The Times You've Come - New York City (9/27/1972)
11. Something Fine - Yokohama (3/27/1977)
12. Introduction to...
13. Fountain of Sorrow - Colombia (8/28/1978)
14. The Road - Vicenza (4/3/1997)
15. Chat: David doesn't know - Nijmegen (3/31/1997)
16. Miles Away - Antwerp (3/28/1997)
17. Carmelita - Melbourne (4/13/2006)#
18. Chat: David's tailor - Los Angeles (5/14/1987)
19. El Rayo-X - Amsterdam (4/1/1997)
20. Your Bright Baby Blues - Amsterdam (8/12/2006)

#with Luis Conte, percussion

Many thanks to the dozens of tapers who recorded these shows! (I recorded none of them myself.)