Jackson Browne and David Lindley
Sheffield City Hall, South Yorkshire, UK
June 4th 2010

CSB's>Edirol R09>PC>BigDee>Soundforge/Harbal>flac>Me>Audacity>CD Wave Editor>Foobar>Dime

If burning to CDs. I suggest DL1-8 and JB1-9 on disc one, then JB 10-27 on disc two but it's up to you.

David Lindley Set (+ Jackson first 2)(35.36)
1. Intro (0.47)
2. Seminole Bingo (5.22)
3. Chat about Martin Simpson and next song (1.48)
4. Brothers Under The Bridge (6.52)
(Jackson leaves stage)
5. Soul of a Man (6.28)
6. Chat ("It happened ovenight" while putting on glasses (0.51)
7. Catfood Sandwiches (6.12)
8. Lazy Farmer Boy aka Young man who wouldn't hoe corn(7.13)

Jackson Browne Set (1.47.04)
1. Off Of Wonderland (4.30)
2. Chat (0.24)
3. Time The Conqueror (5.50)
4. Chat (0.38)
5. Giving That Heaven Away (6.26)
6. Chat (0.59)
7. Just Say Yeah (5.31)
8. Chat (0.54)
9. In The Shape Of A Heart (6.36)
10. Chat (enter David)(0.52)
11. Your Bright Baby Blues (6.06)
12. Chat (1.16)
13. My Problem Is You (5.04)
14. Too Many Angels (7.08)
15. Chat and tuning (0.32)
16. I'm Alive (5.33)
17. Before The Deluge (8.50)
18. For A Dancer (5.40)
19. Doctor My Eyes (5.02)
20. Chat while power outage on stage (3.36)
21. Sky Blue and Black (5.54)
22. Band intros and apology for shirt(stolen from David's wardrobe?)(2.24)
23. Running On Empty (6.43)
24. Chat (0.54)
25. Mercury Blues (4.29)
26. Chat (0.45)
27. Take It Easy (4.39)

Band:(most people vocals)
Jackson Browne: Vocals, Guitars, keyboards,
David Lindley: Everything with strings!!
Mark Goldenberg: Guitar
Kevin McCormick: Bass
Jeff Young: Keyboards
Mauricio Lewak: Drums
Alethea Mills and Danielle DeAndrea: Vocals

Again many, many thanks go to BigDee for kindly doing a great job of mastering this recording. I only rejoined in Audacity and then created additional splits in CD Wave editor to separate the chats and songs into separate tracks and tagged with foobar(hopefully I didn't detract from any of BigDees work). I would have taken forever to master this and it wouldn't have been as good.

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