Jackson Browne, featuring David Lindley
Amsterdam, NL - H(beerbrand) Music Hall

Recorded & Mastered by Caddy72
Recorded @ row 2, left of centre,
right in front of the "Guitar Shop" ran by M.G. & Mr.D.L.
Church Audio Omni Mics > 9V DC supply>
Line Input Edirol R09 @ 24b/48 kHz.
SD Card > PC.
Mastered with SoundForge 9
(+ some Waves Diamond Plug-Ins).

This is the 16bit / 44.1 kHz version .

There was a +/- 5 meter space between row 1 and the stage.
At the end of the concert, between "TLS" and "ROE", people from the back
were coming to the front, filling that space and were having a Party, blocking the (Vocals)Fill-in speakers at the Stage-front.
So for the last 10 minutes of the 2,5 hour;
"Maybe the vocals are sometimes a bit far away in the mix, but the Party was GREAT"

On the good side; almost no nearby shouting or talking during the other 19 songs :-)

Disc 1:
Set 1
01: Siminole Bingo (W.Zevon)
02: Brothers Under The Bridge (B.Springsteen)
03: Soul Of A Man (Blind Willie Johnson)
04: Tijuana (J.J.Cale)
05: When A Guy Get Boobs


Disc 2:
Set 2
01: Off Of Wonderland
02: Time The Conqueror
03: Giving That Heaven Away
04: Just Say Yeah
05: The Birds Of St. Marks
06: In The Shape Of A Heart
07: Your Bright Baby Blues
08: My Problem Is You
09: Too Many Angels
10: Before The Deluge

Disc 3:
01: I'm Alive
02: For A Dancer
03: Doctor My Eyes
04: Band Introduction
05: The Late Show
06: Running On Empty
07: Mercury Blues
08: Take It Easy