Jackson Browne & David Lindley
Usher Hall Edinburgh Scotland Monday 21st June 2010

Linage ZOOM H2 using internal mics 5th row from the front to the left side
in front of the stacks.
Audacity to tweek and to raise the volume on the JB SET >CD WAVE>FLAC LEVEL 8>YOU

This was a great show and the recording came out lovely! I hope you enjoy it, we flew from Ireland because I have been to the Usher before
and knew the acoustics would be spot on they didn't let me down my only negative would be Lindlay's solo slot after Jackson left after
the first 3 songs the NEXT 3 by Lindlay were mind numbingly boring well that's my opinion

Anyways I have included artwork but Lindlays track number 5 got me stumped if anyone knows it let me know
and I'll change the tray

Sorry I don't do samples but take my word this is well worth downloading.

Disc One

David Lindley (+ Jackson Browne first 3 songs)
1. Seminole Bingo
2. Brothers Under The Bridge
3. For Taking The Trouble
4. Soul of a Man
5. When A Guy Gets Boobs
6. Lazy Farmer Boy (aka Young man who wouldn't hoe corn)

Disc Two

Jackson Browne
1. Off Of Wonderland
2. Time The Conqueror
3. Giving That Heaven Away
4. Shape Of A Heart
(enter David Lindley)
5. Your Bright Baby Blues
6. Call It A Loan
7. My Problem Is You
8. Too Many Angels
9. Before The Deluge

Disc Three

10. Doctor My Eyes
11. Mercury Blues
12. For A Dancer
13. Running On Empty
14. Take It Easy
15. I Am A Patriot