Jackson Browne and David Lindley
Beacon Theater, NYC
September 15, 2010

01-Seminole Bingo
02-Brothers Under the Bridge
03-For Everyman
04-Looking East
05-Soul of a Man
06-Catfood Sandwiches
07-Off of Wonderland
08-Giving That Heaven Away
09-Just Say Yeah
10-In the Shape of a Heart
11-Your Bright Baby Blues
12-Fountain of Sorrow
13-The Pretender
14-For a Dancer
15-Rock Me on the Water
16-Sky Blue and Black
17-My Problem is You
18-Too Many Angels
20-Late For the Sky
21-Doctor My Eyes
22-Band Intros
23-Running on Empty
24-Crazy 'Bout a Mercury

Sat in orchestra, just left of center, 10 rows back from the stage. Core-Sound cards to Sony PCM-D50 (48 kHZ, 24 bit), WavePad Sound Editor to chop and FLAC only.

Second night of a two night stand at the Beacon. Terrific show, responsive audience, and the Beacon is my favorite venue in the world. Prompt 8 PM start for a Jackson and David acoustic duo, sequeing into David alone for a couple of songs. I actually think he's overrated as a solo performer, although I greatly admire his skill with the stringed instruments and his musical voice in the band is unmistakable and really a part of the "Running on Empty" sound that most people associate with JB. The song "Catfood Sandwiches" is utterly revolting and not much redeemed by instrumental virtuosity. When it was over the people behind me, who talked constantly at high volume not ever pausing to really listen to the show (thank god for cardiods), wondered loudly if anybody had liked it. I wondered too.

Highlights were "Sky Blue and Black" and "Rosie" which I don't think were played all that often on the tour, and a stunning "Late For the Sky" that reminds you why you're a fan. What with one thing and another, they seem to have let time get away from them, and this might be the only show of the tour with a single encore: when "Running on Empty" rapped up it was about 5 minutes to 11 PM. The band walked off stage for a perfunctory 30 seconds, came back on and played "Crazy 'Bout a Mercury" and then thanked us and walked off at 11 sharp. To my great surprise, the lights came up without any "I Am a Patriot". Must be some 11 PM union thing at the Beacon. Didn't matter. We got plenty of what we came for.