Artist: Jackson Browne, Joan Baez, Wavy Gravy
Date: 04 March 2017
Location: Kahului, Maui, Hawaii
Venue: Castle Theater at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Billed as: Sing Out For Sight - A SEVA Benefit to honor Ram Das

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This was an extremely interesting concert. The primary reason for the show was to honor Ram Das.

Ram Das is a Maui resident and is one of the primary reasons the SEVA Foundation exists.
Unfortunately, Ram Das can no longer travel and so Maui is fortunate to have had this
concert held here on the island - and in such a wonderful, intimate venue.

Presented here are the music sets from the two headline artists.

The concert itself began with chants/prayer/incantations featuring Krishna Das and his
accompanying artists. It included the final prayer/song "Jesus On The Mainline" which
also featured Jackson Browne.

There were several short films shown which explained the charitable works of the
SEVA Foundation as well as the development of Ram Das from an opulent, privileged
person to the being he is today. Another short film was Wavy Gravy's song "Basic
Human Needs".

Enjoy and...
Aloha from Maui,

Joan Baez (appeared on stage wearing a Nasty Woman T-Shirt)

1) (banter - Wavy Gravy intro)
2) Nasty Man
3) Deportee
4) Last Leaf On The Tree
5) Me & Bobby McGee w/ Kris Kristofferson
6) Diamonds & Rust
7) Another World
8) Imagine
9) The Boxer

Jackson Browne

1) (banter - Wavy Gravy intro)
2) Off Of Wonderland
3) The Long Way Around
4) (intro to>)
5) Standing In The Breach
6) Your Bright Baby Blues
7) attempt at the John Cruz song "Island Style"
8) For Everyman
9) The Barricades of Heaven
10) Morocco
11) (banter - Valerie Carter death notice - intro to >)
12) That Girl Could Sing
13) (intro to>)
14) Stunning Mystery Companion
15) Running On Empty
16) Take It Easy
17) Before The Deluge w/everyone who played the entire night