Torrent title: Jackson Browne - [Zim Zim Zabob]
Artist: Jackson Browne
Venue(s): unidentified (see Notes)

Description: rip of vinyl bootleg LP (side B) Zim Zim Zabob (Rockwell and Good, [1987])


01 The load out > Stay
02 Doctor my eyes
03 Somebody's baby
04 For a rocker

FLAC fingerprint: zzz.jb.ffp

Artwork: photos of the actual album are included

Source: side B of vinyl LP, Zim Zim Zabob (Rockwell and Good, [1987])

Lineage: vinyl > Sony PS-LX5 (XL-150) > Audigy 2 > 16-bit 44100 Hz wav > Cool Edit for track splitting and minor click editing > TLH > FLAC level 6 > DIME


The tracks are unidentified on the LP. However, internal evidence suggests the recordings may have been made in Italy (? 1982): On track#1 (at 08:26:59) and track#4 (04:02:32), Jackson says "Thank you...grazie", and on track#3 (at 03:45:02), "Thank you Roma, grazie."
According to BobsBoots, "Evidently it was the intent of the manufacturer to produce a Jackson Browne cover and insert this same LP, thereby having two albums to sell."

Side A comprises Bob Dylan at Marriott Inn, Mansfield, Massachusetts 1986-07-10, and has been uploaded separately as Bob Dylan - Zim Zim Zabob

The LP is not mint -- as a result the recording has some surface crackling, which has not been eliminated; large clicks have been edited out manually (using Cool Edit)
The somewhat abrupt changes in sound intensity and the crude inter-track editing are as found on the LP - no attempt has been made to modify them