Jackson Browne, Paris-France Palais des Sports, 1982 july 7th, EX SM aud master

When i listen to what i did more than 30 years ago with my Sony TCD5 and my two Beyer M 201 mics, i doubt
the digital gear used today can give better results.
I think this recording compete with the Dire Straits i made in the same venue one year ago (torrented here before).
Anyaway, you'll have sample to make your mind.

I recommend this great warm show.

Cassettes played on a Marantz SD 4061 deck (pitch adjusted) to Zoom H4, SD card to PC, Audacity editions, FLAC (TLH).

01 Intro
02 Lost In The Shuffle
03 That Girl Could Sing
04 For Everyman
05 Knock On Any Door
06 Your Bright Baby Blues
07 Band and song introduction
08 Tender Is The Night
09 Lawyers In Love
10 The Crow On The Cradle
11 Before The Deluge
12 Call It A Loan
13 Boulevard
14 Doctor My Eyes
15 Running on Empty
16 Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate
17 The Pretender
18 Hold On Hold Out
19 Audience
20 The Load Out / Stay
21 Audience
22 The Road And The Sky
23 Audience
24 For A Dancer

Ul by letsgo february 2013.