Jaco Pastorious with Word Of Mouth
featuring Kazumi Watanabe
Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan
May 22, 1983

Jaco- Bass & Voc
Delmar Brown-Keys & Voc
Alex Foster- Trumpet
Ron Tooley- Trumpet & Flugal Horn
Othello Molineaux: Steel Pan
Kenwood Denard: drums
Don Alias: Perc

Kazumi Watanabe- Guitar(throughout the show)

EX- Sound (I read that it was a Pre-FM SBD)

The FM source does not sound significantly diferent from the SBD.


T1 Dania (Pastorius) 16:36
T2 Bass Solo (Pastorius) 2:52
T3 New York City Groove (Pastorius) / Beaver Patrol (Pastorius) 14:04
T4 The Chicken (Ellis) 7:28
T5 New Reggae (Pastorius) 17:44
T6 Amerika (Traditional) 2:05

TT= 60:48


T1 Beaver Patrol (Pastorius) 8:43
T2 Fannie Mae (Brown) 6:39
T3 Promise Land (Brown) 13:53
*T4 Black Market (Zawinul)/Jam /Clean Up Woman (Wright)/Beaver Patrol (Pastorius) 10:33

*from FM source

TT= 38:53

I have two versions of this; one an FM, which is less than an a hour, helps complete this sbd source. What strikes me about this show is the looseness (as in long jamming on grooves) in contrast to some of the other shows from this period from , for example, Sweden or the U.S. Yes, Mike Stern is not present here but Kazumi rocks out pretty hard when called upon.