Jaco Pastorious
Rimini, Italy
December 1986

Jaco Pastorius: Bass
Bireli Lagrene: Guitar
Serge Bringolf: Drums

CD 1

T1 Invitation(cuts in) 8:13
T2 JP solo>Soul Intro>The Chicken(with It's your Thing)> 11:31
T3 JP solo>Okonkole Y Trompa>Portrait of Tracy>Continuum 5:39
T4 JP solo>Broadway Blues 13:19
T5 Guitar solo>Smoke On the Water 8:04
T6 Don't Call me Whitey>Stuttgart Aria>Smoke Reprise Jam 4:23
T7 Black Market 9:40

CD 2

T1 JP solo>Purple Haze 5:01
T2 Them Changes 1:55
T3 Sing a Simple Song :50
T4 Sex Machine>Third Stone From the Sun>Teen Town 11:19
T5 The Star Spangled Banner>America the Beautiful>Fratelli d'Italia 5:12
T6 Reza 6:07
T7 Birdland 2:20

Thanks to agalli for transferring his cassette and sending me the CDrs as to share with you. It's a very crisp,low gen sounding soundboard and as much as Jaco's playing and life was on the wane, he sounds pretty good here, IMO. Bireli sounds amazing whether he's wearing his Jazz or rock hat, as always.