Jaco Pastorius Benefit Concert featuring Hancock, Shorter, Santana, M. Miller, Bailey, Erskine, Alias, Bullock, Weir & Others
The Omni
Oakland, CA
January 31st, 1988


B+? check samples.....

Herbie Hancock: Keyboards
Wayne Shorter_ Saxes
Marcus Miller: Bass
Carlos Santana: guitar
Chester Thompson- Keys
Bob Weir: Guitar and Vocals
Hiram Bullock- Guitar and Vocals
Michael Carabello: Congas
Jose "Chepito" Areas: Timbales
Victor Bailey: Bass
Peter Erskine: Drums
Brian Melvin: Drums
Jon Davis: Piano
Little John Chrisley: Harmonica
Don Alias: Percussion
and others.......

*This not the whole concert. This recording cuts right into into the meat of the show with "Teen Town".

CD 1

T1 Teen Town (cuts in) 5:47 (Bullock/Miller/Erskine + Perc)
T2 You Ain't So Such A Much 6:19 (Bullock/Miller/Erskine + Perc)
T3 All Blues 12:09 (Bullock/Miller/Erskine + Perc)
T4 Unnamed Tune with "Jean Pierre" and "Peter Gunne Theme" teases 7:29 (Bullock/Miller/Erskine + Perc)
T5 Funky Broadway>Third Stone>Changes 9:33 (Bullock/Miller/Erskine + Perc)
T6 Brian Melvin- introductions 2:04
T7 John & Mary pt I 3:40 (BM)
T8 John & Mary pt II 5:36 (BM)
T9 Three Views of a Secret 6:01 (BM)
T10 Invitation 13:38 (BM)
T11 Dania 5:38 (BM)


T1 Liberty City PT 1 9:26 (BM)
T2 Liberty City PT 2 1:08 (BM)
T3 Festival 4:17 (Weir Solo)
T4 Walkin Blues 2:55 (Weir Solo)
T5 Victim or the Crime 3:55 (Weir Solo)
T6 Fever 11:56 (Weir,Santana & Band)
T7 Fannie Mae 4:58 (Weir,Santana, Bullock & Band)
T8 I shot the Sheriff (Fade in) 6:22 (Weir,Santana, Bullock & Band)
T9 Easy to Slip 7:17 (Weir & Band)
T10 ? (Very Joni-ish) 5:56
T11 ? (sax Solo) 7:43

CD 3

T1 Goodness And Mercy 4:04 (Santana & CT duet)
T2 Mandela 22:00 (Santana, Hancock, Shorter, Bullock, Bailey, CT & Alias)
T3 Band Intros :22
T4 Burn 14:07 (Santana, Hancock, Shorter, Bullock, Bailey, CT & Alias)

I was at this one & it was amazing. It was a benefit for Jaco's children's sake. Narada Michael Walden was advertised but did not show. Different musicians circulated & recirculated onto the stage throughout the night. The set was eclectic which reflects Jaco's career. Herbie & Wayne made only short appearances. The version of Mandela is to die for-IMO. Anyway, Jaco would have loved it.

I think I have another more complete source(weaker SQ) on cassette. Just FYI.

From Relix Magazine, Issue 15-02 -- March/April 1988:

Some of the top names in the world of jazz showed up January 31st at The Omni in Oakland, for a benefit for the family of the late jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius. This historic summit was organized by Bay Area jazz drummer Brian Melvin and featured the likes of Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, Hiram Bullock, Bob Weir and Little John Chrisley. Melvin's group, Nightfood, served as the house band as the parade of legendary jazz masters took to the stage for Jaco, who was regarded as the most innovative bassist in the world. Miles Davis' bassist Marcus Miller and Weather Reports' Victor Bailey also joined the six hour musical marathon. Bob Weir, who had jammed with Jaco last year when Pastorius was playing with Nightfood in San Francisco, fronted a twelve piece band that included Bullock, Santana, Chrisley and Melvin and rocked out incredible long jam versions of "Fever," "Baby Won't You Please Come Home" and "I Shot the Sheriff." The highlight of the evening though was when Carlos Santana was joined by Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Chester Thompson, Hiram Bullock, Victor Bailey, Marcus Miller, Don Alias, Bob Weir, Michael Carabello and Jose Chepeta Areas for an explosive jam that included "Goodness and Mercy" and "Mandela." Guitarist Hiram Bullock was most impressive, and he and Carlos seemed to be talking to each other via the guitar in a jam session that will be remembered for some time to come.

* Request: Could somebody remaster and reseed the Jaco @ The Dock Tiburon, CA 86'? Even the hissy unremastered DAT version (3 CD!) that I uploaded here years ago might be appreciated.