Jaco Pastorious Big Band featuring Richard Bona and Randy Bernsen
Conducted by Peter Graves
North Sea Jazz Fest
Den Haag, NL
July 9th 2004

tracks 1-7 w/ Jeff Carswell: bass
tracks 9-14 w/ Richard Bona: bass

Randy Bernsen: guitar
Ed Calle: tenor sax
Billy Ross: alto sax & piccolo
Gary Keller: tenor sax & clarinet
Mike Brignola: bari Sax & bass clarinet
Dante Luciani:lead trombone
John Cricker: bass trombone
Jason Carter: trumpet & flugelhorn
Greg Ginsbert: trumpet & flugelhorn
Ken Falk trumpet & flugelhorn
James Gaiser: keys
Mark Griffith: drums

set list

01) clapping/dead air & intro
02) The Chicken (strange fade out & fade in at beginning)
03) intros
04) Havona
05) cut into Barbary Coast
06) Used to be a Cha Cha
07) intro
08) Opus Pocus
09) bass solo into Continuum
10) Teen Town
11) Punk Jazz
12) band introductions
13) Three Views
14) Liberty City

*This sounds quite good- I think A-/B+

Note: I received this thing poorly tracked/edited.

There's the Mingus BB but Jaco deserves a version too. If you don't know already, Peter Graves was the leader of an orchestra that Jaco was in from 71' to 75'. Another lesser known name to me on this is bassist Jeff Carswell. I think he does a nice job on this. Bona is Bona!