Jaco Pastorius Quartet - Live @ NAMM, Anaheim, California January, 1979

Jaco Pastorius - Bass
Joe Diorio - Guitar
Attila Zoller - Guitar
Carl Burnett - Drums

Audience Recording on Cassette Tape (Unknown Generation) > CDR in Trade > Sound Forge 10 Pro (fade in/out & editing) > FLAC Lvevel 8 > You

Setlist: ??? (please help!)
01 - Track 1
02 - Track 2
03 - Track 3
04 - Track 4

01 - Track 1.flac:5e7045ea9d6b9d0fa1de2916b8f4da2c
02 - Track 2.flac:eaf6a85103ce94ea5b558affdb14018e
03 - Track 3.flac:13ee7b891cf84b03966a916e6a758eb6
04 - Track 4.flac:eafda5b8dac8bb93ddb251a531a597d0

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There are four tracks on the CD that this came from that I got in a trade many years ago. Written on the CD
sleeve are the names of the following two songs: It's About That Time & Stella By Starlight. But since I'm not
familiar with these tunes and there are some bass solos and jams, I thought it best to leave the tracks the way
they were on the CD and let someone else who knows this music better to figure out what the names of the
songs are and if tracks needed to be split, where to edit them. I'm basically uploading this the way I got it. If
anyone wants to help out with the setlist and/or re-edit this one, all I can say is go for it! Sorry for the lack of
info on this one, but I lost contact with the guy I got it from in Japan a long time ago. Enjoy it for what it is...
more rare Jaco Pastorius music. Long live Jaco...King of the Bass Guitar!

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