The Blues Alley,Washington D.C.
2Nd & 3Rd Sets

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Disclaimer :

I Know Mine Is Edited Differently As I'm Not
Familiar Enough With The Material.The Below Info
Represents The Show's Info As I Found It
But Not Exactly As I Have Presented It.
Also,Mine Starts With The Drum Solo.

Jaco Pastorius Word of Mouth Band 82-0226
February 26, 1982 Blues Alley, Washington D.C.

Randy Brecker tp; Bob Mintzer ts, bcl; UNK. kbd on k.;
Jaco Pastorius b, kbd; UNK. (b)? on f.; Othello Molineaux steel dr;
Don Alias perc; Bob Moses dr

a. Invitation 13:01
b. drum solo - INC 6:34
c. Twins 3:07
d. Mr. Fone Bone 8:10
e. bass clarinet solo - 4:55
f. The Peak Of Love - 4:05
g. Donna Lee 6:09
h. JP solo - Purple Haze - 9:16
i. Continuum 1:33
j. Soul Intro/The Chicken -
Mercy Mercy Mercy INC 10:28
k. Rahsaan 5:31
l. Fannie Mae 6:07
m. JP solo - 3:33
n. Okonkole Y Trompa - 1:52
o. Reza INC 4:36

Private Tape/soundboard 90'
[N] e. Pastorius brief kbd.
[N] f. Pastorius kbd.
[N] h. includes: The High and the Mighty (1:22).
[N] k. Bob Moses kbd?