Jaco Pastorius w/The Dixie Dregs (The Encores)
City Limits
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fannie Mae (Brown) 6:11
12 Bar Blues Jam 6:55
Amerika (Traditional) 1:18

In September 1982 I accompanied Jaco to City Limits, a small bar off SR 84 in Ft Lauderdale over near Port Everglades.
A Dixie Dregs concert that had originally been scheduled for the parking lot of Musician's Exchange had been moved there at the last minute due to rain.
Jaco was only too thrilled to watch musicians of this caliber perform at this level and they, the musicians were equally thrilled when Jaco joined them on stage for their encores.
This little 15 minutes is the only know surviving copy of those three encore tunes.
This is an historical document of that night.
I would accompany Jaco through some strange places over the next few years. I would watch him play with everyone from The Band at "Summers on the Beach" in Ft Lauderdale to having his own show at the band shell in Hollywood Fl. in front of white haired retirees who could never possibly understand the jazz fusion being presented to them.

Through the highs and the lows Jaco remained as creative as he could be under the circumstances that he chose to live.
On this night in 1982 he was just happy doing what he loved, performing at a high level with world class musicians.

God Bless you Jaco