Teatro Tendastrisce - Roma, Italy
23 nov 1982

The band:

Jaco Pastorius: bass (with short appearance on drums and keyboards)
Alex Foster: sax
Elmer Brown Jr: trumpet
Delmar Brown: keyboards; vocals
Kenwood Dennard: drums
Carole Steele: percussion.

Audience original tape Agfa Superferro recorded near the stage with a Radio cassette recorder with stereo built-in mics and automatic recording level control.

I'm sorry, but I have only one cassette of this show and I don't remember if recorded another one and I lost it, so I cannot say if the show is complete.

Teac V-370 Stereo Cassette Deck ===> Edirol UA-4FX ===> Nero WaveEditor (44.1/16) ===> wav ===> CD Wave Editor ===> flac (Lev. 5)

On track #9 you can hear Jaco Pastorius introducing the band.