Jaco Pastorius 1986-10-31 The Dock Tiburon Ca sbd mrmags

Jaco Pastorius w/ Band
The Dock Restaurant
Tiburon, Ca

(October 31st, 1986)

Private Tape/soundboard 170'
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CD 1
a. So What - Jam INC? 3:13
b. If You Could See Me Now 8:11
c. Mercy Mercy Mercy 8:29
d. Invitation 6:37
e. JP solo - Continuum - 5:27
f. Blackbird 1:43
g. John and Mary 7:17
h. Donna Lee 6:14
i. Days of Wine and Roses - 11:27
j. Blues - 4:58
k. I Shot the Sheriff 10:20
l. Jam - 1:44

CD 2
m. Freedom Jazz Dance/Purple Haze - 2:36
n. Jams - 3:18
o. Funky Broadway - 0:51
p. Third Stone From the Sun - 0:51
q. Jams - drum solo INC 1:13
r. Three Women INC 1:47
s. Happy Birthday - kbd and drum solo -
drum solo - JP solo INC 6:21
t. Three Views of a Secret - 9:02
u. Jam - 3:04
v. Fannie Mae - 2:18
w. America the Beautiful - 1:54
x. The Star Spangled Banner - 3:01
y. Purple Haze - Third Stone From the Sun 1:32
z. America the Beautiful 1:30

CD 3
aa. Satin Doll 9:11
bb. JP solo - INC 6:28
cc. Alfie - 1:26
dd. I Shot the Sheriff 8:55
ee. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) - 1:03
ff. Birdland - 8:31
gg. Happy Birthday 2:04
hh. JP solo 2:59

[N] r. Pastorius kbd solo.
[N] Pastorius dr on part of s.

Jaco Pastorius: bass
Brian Melvin: drums
Jon Davis: keys
Billy Rogers- Guitar
Paul Mousavi- guitar

I uploaded this set in 2006 (10 years ago?). It had basically very nice sound but quite a bit of tape hiss. I have been hoping/ requesting for a loving remaster since then. An old trading partner recently contacted me and said he had a surprise to send me (remembering my request). Seems he had a friend, who is a professional sound engineer, work on it and it sounds much better- IMO. The hiss is greatly reduced and the high end is still intact. So.... much thanks to him and his friend! Seems like good timing too as the Jaco Doc was recently released. ( *This edit differs from the one posted above including track times.)

You may have heard some of the music from this stint at The Dock on the bootleg: "Curtain Call". I had a chance to talk to Brian Melvin once and when I brought up the "Curtain Call" disc, he was more than agitated. Simply he felt ripped off & indeed he, Jon Davis & Jaco's estate were.

Although Jaco was near the end, I think he sounds in pretty good form here. Three Views! I was living 20 minutes from Tiburon in 1986 and was a Jaco Fan but had no idea he was playing. I was able to see the various configurations of the WOMB when they came to San Francisco a few years earlier, though.

Lastly, this show is dedicated to the memory of one of Jaco's biggest fans and one of the warmest, most generous tape & then CD traders I have ever crossed paths with on the internet, John Gerren. He passed away in 04' after a courageous struggle with a chronic illness. Anybody remember trading with John? I see ingrid P. has a dedication to him as well. http://www.jacop.net/traders.html

Happy New Year!