Jaco Pastorius and The Atlantean Driftwood Band

September 25, 1982, Happy Birthday PACE (Performing Artists for Community Education), Gusman Hall, Miami, FL

Ken Faulk tp; Melton Mustafa tp; Tony Concepcion tp; Peter Graves btb;
Russ Freeland tb; Neal Bonsanti ts, as; Dan Bonsanti ts, ss?;
Gary Lindsay ts; Randy Emerick brs; Chauncey Westbrook g;
David Palladino g; Jaco Pastorius b; Othello Molineaux steel dr;
Oscar Salas perc; Gary Mayone perc; George Mazzeo dr

1. Okonkolé y Trompa (incomplete)
2. Soul Intro - The Chicken
3. Quietude
4. Happy Birthday
5. Donna Lee
6. JP solo
7. Continuum
8. Three Views of a Secret
9. Liberty City (incomplete)
10. JP solo
11. Sophisticated Lady
12. Percussion
13. Reza

Source-1, stage recording

Total time: 01:05:11

Credits: http://home.earthlink.net/~lpogost/jaco.htm